Advertising Is A Tool For Sellers As Well As Customers Essay

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Every day, advertising strongly influences society. People rely on advertisements to make decisions affecting their lives. John Calfee wrote an article explaining advertisings as a valuable and useful tool for sellers as well as customers. Advertising, as mentioned in “How Advertising Informs to Our Benefit”, proves to be beneficial” (Calfee). According to this writer, advertising is a tool for communication and information. He tries to prove that advertising helps people to learn important facts about a product. Learning those facts help them in making better decisions when selecting the item they want to buy (Calfee). However, two ads from Girls’ Life Magazine, a publication intended for teenage girls will be described and evaluated to prove Calfees’ theory. One ad is about Skechers shoes, the other advertisement is about Zuca luggage. These ads inform about physical and life style benefits just to persuade consumers to buy the advertised product.
Walking Shoes
Using the article “How Advertising Informs to Our Benefit” by Calfee one is able to determine how this informing process is accomplished. The first advertisement to be analyzed is “Skechers Go Walk”. In size twenty four font on the top left corner of the ad, the capitalized letter “S” is prevalent in a fuzzy gray color as the Skechers logo. The phrase “Skechers Performance Division” follows in different font sizes making the word performance more noticeable in a bold black color font. Then fourteen single low cut…

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