Advertising, Good Housekeeping, And Better Homes And Gardens Essay

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Magazines: The magazines that the ad will run in are Family Circle, Food Network, Good Housekeeping, and Better Homes and Gardens. According to the Huffington Post, these are in the top 25 most selling magazines in the United States. These ads would run quarterly for three months at a time. The magazines that ads will be ran by quarter are Family Circle from January to March, Better Homes and Gardens from April to June, Good Housekeeping from July to September, and Food Network from September to December. Each Magazine would have a full page ad that includes a coupon. Depending on the season the ad below is what would run in each magazine. For the first quarter Family Circle was chosen because they tend to run lots of food ads in those months. Their covers range from spaghetti to cupcakes and decorate for the appropriate holiday. For the second quarter Better Homes and Gardens was chosen, because of its popularity for spring. For the third quarter Good Housekeeping was chosen, because their covers have a good focus on summer and are attractive to the reader. This brings in sales and readers, leading to consumers for this product. For the fourth quarter Food Network was chosen. This magazine was chosen because they have a lot of focus on Thanksgiving and Christmas cooking. This produces many readers and in turn it could potentially produce sales.

Billboards: The billboard ads will be ran on interstate and rural highways. This will allow…

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