Propaganda In Common Sense By Thomas Paine

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What is propaganda? Propaganda is information that is considered biased or misleading, it is most commonly used to publicize a political cause or point of view. In Common Sense by Thomas Paine, the political-activist uses a form of propaganda to try to persuade people into wanting full independence from Britain. He persuaded people with his pamphlet by talking about, “The Origin and Design of Government in General, with Concise Remarks on the English Constitution, Of Monarchy and Hereditary Succession, Thoughts on the Present State of American Affairs, and The Present Ability of America: with some Miscellaneous Reflections”. Within these sections he tries to persuade people and details his opinions of all the wrong that has been caused, and …show more content…
He announces that “the time to split is now because there is an amount of men ready to fight the battle.” Thomas Paine notifies the crowd, that the colonies have the power and the will to break free and the cost of the war is only justified if they actually break free (Paine). Moreover, it is not worth to fight a battle all for just some simple tax laws. Thomas Paine tries to sway people that raising a Navy to repeal against the British is required and the cost will approximately be 3.5 million pounds of sterling, not to mention that America is not in any type of debt, so therefore it was affordable. He introduces that America produces enough natural resources to construct a Navy that will protect America 's coast and further commercial prospects to provide necessary defense. Alternatively, if the British keep ruling America, the country will eventually deteriorate; but, since there is only currently a small amount of people it would be easier to get Independence if they work together. There is four main reasons for Thomas Paine 's encouragement for Independence: Firstly, if America is still seen as a part of Britain, then no country will be able to mediate the dispute between Britain and America. Secondly, neither France nor Spain will actually help the colonies, they believe that their help will only for reconciliation with Britain. Thirdly, if they are still belonging to Britain, other countries will look upon the colonist as rebels. As a final point, if independence is declared, the colonies will have international trade and

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