Essay on Advertising Exposure Of Alcohol Related Incidents

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– Advertising

Advertising Exposure

In the world of media and advertising, information is gathered and transmitted at a high pace, in large quantities, and with inherent risks.


We recommend a purchasing media & advertising coverage for exposures such as defamation and errors and omissions that can be caused by advertisement.

– Employment Practices

Risk of Quarter-End Parties
We commend PYB for commending their employees’ performances with having a company party every quarter. However, these parties have liquor liability because employees are allowed to bring alcohol. Our knowledge shows that there is no current coverage for the exposure of alcohol related incidents and these types of events on company property.
Our solution is continuing to celebrate company quarterly success with these parties. However, we recommend PYB outsource this part to another venue. We also recommend hiring a catering and alcohol/beverage service to outsource the risks of liquor liability. Therefore we take the risks of exposure of these acts on company property.
Sexual Misconduct/Harassment Risk
There have been multiple complaints from female employees to senior management about inappropriate remarks and engagements from employees. There have also been inappropriate pictures put on bulletin boards that contain sexual references scattered around the office. Although senior management has not partaken in these behaviors, it still raises a lot of red flags.

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