Loss Control: Human, Engineering, And Risk Management Practices

C. Loss Control

Loss control is a multidisciplinary approach in which human, engineering, and risk management practices are employed to reduce the frequency or severity of losses. In this section, we recommend some loss control methods that we believe PYB should implement in their operation that will reduce the severity and frequency of losses. We divided your strategies in into four categories: property, crime, fleet, and personal. We did not categorize these risks into categories of severity or frequency because we feel that all of these loss controls methods should be considered. They should all be considered pressing issues to your company.

– Property

➢ The Columbus Location is only has a 70% sprinkler system and is eight miles away
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➢ Injured employees taking too long to return to work – implement a light duty work program to incentivize workers to return to work and replenish their previous salaries. This will lower PYB’s mod.
➢ Employee’s working impaired – put in a force a zero tolerance smoking and drug zone. This will benefit the company’s consideration of implementing a health insurance plan because insurance carriers take into consideration if your company has a tolerance for tobacco/drugs.
➢ Back injuries from manual lifting – PYB can add pictures throughout the company of how to properly lift heavy things. Also, implement the use of more forklifts.
➢ Mold issue – do a thorough regularly inspection and cleaning for mold. If deemed necessary, could have to shutdown business or do cleanings at off-duty hours to get rid of mold.
➢ Printing injuries – implement proper protocol on how to use company printers.
➢ Injury from extrusion process – put employees in course on how to prevent themselves from further injuries. PYB should also consider using methods of the Tallahassee office and transferring this risk to
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Below, we will touch on how your new program will be structured and our main objectives are your broker.

• Your founder and veteran employee’s drudgery needs to be commended by developing a contingency & succession plan for continued prosperity after their tenures have seized.
• PYB should immediately hire a Director of Risk Manager to help in the process of practicing safer risk management practices. Furthermore, PYB should also hire a Director of HR who will serve as the employee relations and recruitment role in the company. These new hires will enforce a more sustainable culture to your company. Our company will provide our specialists to advise these new additions to make sure their transition is smooth.
• We will safeguard your financial interests by going through detailed decision of risk transfer, retention, avoidance or financing to combat your exposures. Our persistent loss control methods will lower frequency and severity of losses.
• PYB needs to reinforce a culture of workplace safety, cohesiveness, equality and continued growth and

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