Advertising Effectiveness Of Advertising And Advertising Essay

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Less explicitly, Beard (2008) also underscores advertising effectiveness. However, Beard (2008) judges effectiveness based on consumer response, analyzing what products and advertising characteristics offend consumers. Like Binet and Field (2009), Beard derives categories and variables from a database: the Advertising Standards Authority of New Zealand’s index of consumer complaints regarding advertising. Beard (2008) concludes that offensive themes are more offensive than products, services, or ideas, with some themes as rated more offense than other themes, and the form of advertising, whether intrusive or not, greatly impacts offensiveness (with intrusive being more offense than other forms of advertisement delivery). Although this article does not directly address potential impact on practitioners or advertisement effectiveness, the findings imply techniques for increasing advertising effectiveness. For example, a non-intrusive advertisement avoiding the themes deemed offensive by the article would be more effective than other intrusive or offensive advertisements. That said, these findings are limited by the geographical and cultural context of the study, the overlapping nature of complaints in the database, and the subjectivity inherent in interpreting complaints.

Manceau and Tissier-Desbordes’ (2006) study on advertising taboos in France is highly similar Beard’s (2008) article. Their work analyzes demographically segmented responses to taboos (comparable to…

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