Advertising Campaign : The Brand Value And Image Essay

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Advertisments are everywhere. From trains, billboards and busses to mobile devices, television and magazines. Brands are constantly running various campaigns to keep up with society and culture in hopes to stregthen the brand value and image. An advertising campaign involves a continuous series of messages that aim at promoting a particular marketing idea. These campaigns typically require a precise definition of the idea within a specified time frame. Moreover, the campaigns tend to appear in different media channels such as online media within a specified period. The campaign usually sets off once the clear definition of the idea and a clear statement of the primary theme is established. The theme tends to be the key message that the campaign plans to deliver to the audience in a manner that will promote the activities of a company or an organization. The success or failure of the campaign depends on the effectiveness of the theme. The campaign will be successful if the theme delivers the message in a way that outshines the closest competitors marketing approach. The campaign successes have largely contributed the success of the Coca-Cola Company over the years. These successes have been linked to the themes presented in the form of slogans that have outshined other soda…

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