Essay about Advertising : Advertising And Advertising

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As a company, having the ability to advertise your product or service in the areas you choose, as well as to the audience of your choice, can be the most effective and profitable action a company can make. An advertisement is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as a notice or announcement in a public medium promoting a product, service, or event or publicizing a job vacancy. Last year, over 187 billion dollars was spent solely on advertisements around the world (Lunden, Ingrid). Advertisements are everywhere around us, from billboards on highways, to posters in bathrooms. Different companies have different tactics and strategies on how to lure in buyers and consumers to purchase their product. Strategically placing advertisements, as well as the way the advertisement appeals to the viewer, can benefit a company in many ways if done properly. For example, one would not necessarily want to advertise fantasy football in a women’s magazine, one would want to advertise in an ESPN magazine or in a Men’s magazine. The presentation of the advertisement must be eye-catching, and must put interest into the viewer’s mind. Unfortunately, my advertisement is no longer being advertised anywhere due to the ban of all cigarette advertisements. Secondly because my advertisement was illustrated and displayed in 1948. The ban on all advertising of cigarettes has been set in place since January 1971 (Ridder, Kight). My advertisement is advertising the very popular brand, Camel cigarettes.…

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