Advertisement Of Coke And Pepsi Essay

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Compare to the advertisement of Coke Cola and Pepsi, both corporations have the same purpose. The aim of the advertisement is to sell the product for the customers. At the same time, advertising is kind of tools to attract the customer to purchase the Cola. The advertising of both companies has unaccountable advertising, they try to use advertising to attract the person. In both advertising, which shows some attractions represented the product features. The advertising which appears in the picture is one of attracting advertising. In the picture, both ladies are taking a cola and smile on the face. consequently, as can be seen that the advertisement of Coke and Pepsi has a common feature is the colas can make customer happy. On the other hand, due to two ladies who smile at advertising show the Coke cola and Pepsi is tasty for them. The reason is that they make a gesture to show the Cola is really good. In otherwise, they feel satisfied to drink the Pepsi or Coke because of the smile. Therefore, the two companies have some similar features. In contrast the advertising of coke and Pepsi company, there is the most difference in both of the advertisements.
The difference in bith advertisement can take 3 parts of the analysis. In the first part, the differences in advertisements are from visual communication and design aspect. It 's not just from package but also the backgrounds show in red and blue. As we see in the advertisement, red presents the coke cola company and blue…

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