Advertisement About Gun Don 't Kill People Essay example

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Guns don 't kill people, people kill people. It is just a normal school day; children laughing, teachers smiling, and the smell of the day 's lunch wafts down the hallways. Not one single child, teacher, or any other employee would have thought that today would be their last day on earth. America for Responsible Solutions’ advertisement about gun control uses persuasive appeal of ethos to create a personal connection with parents and teachers. There are more than forty million mothers with children under the age of eighteen and just over three million public school teachers, all of whom are targets for this advertisement. The combination of emotional appeal and the wide target audience creates an effective advertisement. In the advertisement, an audience would first notice that there is one thing that stands out among the ad; the crimson pool of blood on the floor of the photo. The color red associates the feeling of anger and the topic of violence, so the audience clearly associates this color with something negative in the photograph. It is evident that the red blood on the floor is the focal point of this advertisement, being the only part of the photo in color it bring attention to itself. Along with the blood being the only color in the advertisement, it is centered in the direct center of the photo to capture attention immediately before anything else. It paints picture about what happened. As an audience we do not directly see someone shooting…

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