Bad Attitudes In The Workplace Case Study

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Cam showed up for work thirty minutes early that day to see if he could finish the work that Tiffany failed to accomplish the day before. He didn’t want her to get in trouble because he knew that their boss would be in a bad mood if he knew that she had not finished her job. Joe noticed that Cam was finishing Tiffany’s work for her and he made fun of him because of it. Joe had always been the negative co worker that nobody got along with.
Hard working people in a workplace accomplish more and are promoted more often, rather than the negative worker or the type of worker that only shows up so they don’t get fired.
The hard workers tend to excel more in a workplace because they feel as if they have something to work for. According to “The Nest,”
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According to “Chron,” Negative workers have a decreased performance because of their bad attitudes. (“Adverse Effects Of A Bad Attitude In The Workplace”) Bad attitudes in the workplace include being lazy, walking in late, or spreading rumors. Negative workers have a decreased performance rate because they do not care to get their job done. An employee may be having a rough day before they come into work, but a good employee would put their differences aside and work hard to accomplish their job. Also according to the “Chron,” Negative employees tend to make customers unhappy and irritated. (“Adverse Effects Of A Bad Attitude In The Workplace”) If a customer encounters an employee with a bad attitude, it will most likely scare them away from the workplace. A customer will not want to deal with an employee that is unpleasant to be around. Aggravation and irritation will lead to the loss of business. Another supporting fact from the “Chron,” says that the employees that always play the victim game is the co worker that nobody ever likes. (“Adverse Effects Of A Bad Attitude In The Workplace”) Victims blame others for their mistakes and never take the responsibility of their consequences. Employees that use excuses such as, the boss has it out for me or that customer only came in here to make me mad, are categorized with the victims. Co workers get fed up with them fast and problems begin to arise. Forcing supervisors to fire the ones causing the problems. Although, negative workers are not much better than the worker that do not care about getting anything done in their work

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