What Are The Benefits Of Wolf Hunting Essay

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Why do people want to get rid of wolf hunting? This is a question many people sometimes forget about. Many people shoot guns for the sport. Others hunt for the meat from the animal that they claim. Some even hunt for the prize animal, like a wolf. Because wolf hunting is limited and population is up, more people should take advantage in of hunting wolves for many reasons such as population control, food, trophies, once in a life time opportunity and experience. The first reason people should take advantage of wolf hunting because hunting wolves helps keep the population in check, so the wolves do not have to move further south due to the lack of food up north. The more north a wolf is the better off it is because of how cold it is up north. A wolf can live I cold weather and high mountainous regions because they have adapted to do so. During the winter is when wolves do great in my opinion because all of the deer and elk or even sometimes a moose are more spread out looking for food themselves. Wolves can do harm to a different animal population, but people …show more content…
When wolves cannot harm anything, they are fun to look at. Wolf hair is really soft, but people cannot touch it when the wolf is alive. The wolf has great beauty, but looks can be deceiving. "Wolf advocates support wolf protection because the wolves are beautiful and intelligent. The wolves are admired because they are strong and resilient, but these qualities are also why their over the last forty years have been so successful" (Couser). This show that the wolf is very capable of surviving, but they tend to weaken their preys population. A stuffed wolf in a house could make the property worth more. A wolf a prime hunter and people like to look at them, so instead of having that possibility of getting hurt we should get them stuffed after they are

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