Advantages Of The Victory In The Civil War

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A Victory From the Start One of the biggest events in America’s history is, without a doubt, the Civil War. In the Civil War, the North and the South fought for four years and if the South had won, America would look extremely different today. This is because if the South had won, it would have seceded from America. Although the South fought hard, one miscalculation it made was that it never even really had a chance at beating the North. Based on population, economy, transportation, and many other factors, the South was very unintelligent to start the war in the first place. The South believed it had a chance to win with practically one advantage, but it was fatally wrong. While the North had its many advantages, one of its largest and most obvious advantages was its population. The North had more people in it than the southerners and their slaves combined. While the North had 20,700,000 people, the South only had around 5,595,000 people who could fight, giving the North a 4.5:1 ratio against the South. There is absolutely no way the South should have expected to win based on these numbers alone. The North …show more content…
The South thought back to another large war that was won; this war was of course was the American Revolutionary War. The South new that one of the most important aspects of America’s win was its strategy. The South decided to use the same strategy which is to fight defensively. The South would only defend itself not go after the other side. This is one of the only reasons the South believed they could win the war. While many people see this as an advantage, they often forget that the North had a rather well thought out strategy as well. The North’s strategy was the Anaconda Plan. In the Anaconda Plan, the North would basically surround the South like a snake. This meant that while the South did have a good strategy, it was not a true advantage because the North had a good strategy as

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