Why Did The South Win The Civil War Essay

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At the onset of the Civil War the South had numerous apparent advantages. Three of the advantages that seemed to have been an advantage was: presidential leadership, slavery, and a sound military strategy. During my essay I will explain why these appeared to be an advantage possessed by the South but ended up working against the South and also which of these three “apparent” advantages had the greatest impact on the South losing the war.

Presidential leadership appeared to be an advantage that the South possessed because Jefferson Davis was seen as a better president than Abraham Lincoln especially in regards to war. Davis had a combat record in the Mexican War; which he was cited for bravery. He had also been secretary of war. Davis seemed to possess the
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Jefferson Davis seemed like the better president and he had an excellent background in war but this was a weakness because he lacked the skills to lead an army. The Confederates thought that the slaves would continue the labor while the white men fought the battle but slavery ended up being a weakness also because the slaves begin to test their limits when there were a limited amount of white men to control them. The third weakness was the South’s sound military strategy. The plan was to fight a defensive war until the North became weak, but this plan backfired on them. The South didn’t account for the other risk they faced like slavery. Slavery had the greatest impact on the South’s loss because the slaves escaped and found shelter behind the Union; the slaves even helped fight the war against the South. These three issue appeared to be an advantage for the South but they all became a downfall for the South’s

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