Renewable Energy Effects On Solar Energy

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One of the alternative plan is replacing coal-fired energy to solar energy in the industrial factories, in order to reduce the carbon dioxide (CO2), sulfur dioxide (SO2) and the nitrogen oxides (NOx). As most of scientists mentioned, the CO2 is one of the major greenhouse gas that causes the global warming; SO2 and NOx have link to several respiratory illnesses. In order to decrease the temperature globally and the cases of respiratory illnesses, the reduction of CO2, SO2 and NOx are the goals to achieve in the United States. However, there are approximately 1,100 generators in the electrical industry are power by burning coals in the United States, which will produce huge amount of carbon dioxide, approximately 66% of total SO2 and 33% of total NOx in the United States. Furthermore, some of the spokesmen of the factories mentioned that is not cost-effective to renovate or upgraded their old coal-burning generators to meet the compliances of the CAA’s regulations (Smith & Miller, 2014; EPA, 2015). Therefore, the new energy sources are needed for the electricity industry. Renewable energy sources will be the energy sources for the new generation. Renewable energy is one of the alternative choices to reduce the air emissions. …show more content…
The solar power energy creates more benefits than just reduce the air pollutions that causing to global warming, and respiratory illness. It also creates job opportunities locally, distributes electricity equally through the areas, saves the natural resources, and decreasing the tensions between people on limited resources. Solar panels can be made by local materials, install and maintain locally, and disturbed the energy equally through the rural areas (Omer,

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