The Pros And Cons Of Offshore Wind Energy

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Since the industrial revolution coal and oil have ruled the energy world. Oil was abundant, so it was an obvious choice to create machines that ran on oil. Coal and oil became the new standard and these energy sources were the most industrialized countries such as China, The United States and Germany. In the beginning no one realized the possible downfalls of the oil industry, such as the scarcity as demand increased, or the extremely high release of CO2 emissions. Due to these concerns and consequences many companies and individuals are exploring the concepts of renewable energy such as solar power, hydro power and wind power. Wind power that is created using wind turbines, are an extremely popular solution, due to the consistency
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The wind energy companies are confused as to why they have so many opponents, but they need to take the time to listen to the concerns. Even though the effects on marine life are extremely small, local activists and residents deserve and explanation about exactly why these wind farms are generally harmless for marine life. This also applies to those that have a vested interest in the fishing and boating industry, for most people, this is their life, so naturally they will be resistant to anything that could possibly threaten their livelihood and this is to be expected. Offshore companies should conduct research and give concrete data to the fishing industry to show that their business will not be negatively affected. This same thought process should also be applied to the aesthetic concerns. The offshore wind companies should relate to the communities and explain the extreme benefits of the wind industry, this will make the communities more accepting to a small change in “place identity”. The sad truth about offshore wind energy, is that there will always be opponents. The oil and gas industry will always have the money to oppose forms of renewable energy in order to protect their profits. This is one of the main reasons while our country should raise awareness for renewable energy, not just wind but solar hydro and nuclear power as well. It seems that the main barrier to a future with renewable energy is a resistance to change. There is a natural resistance to change, individuals enjoy a routine and what they are used too. Gas powered vehicles and coal powered electric plants are normal. Luckily future research in renewable energy, and specifically offshore wind is focused on the ability to make renewable energy as accessible and easy to accept as possible. Engineers are working to be able to move the offshore wind farms further into the ocean to alleviate the alleged impact

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