Advantages Of Private Transport

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Why do people prefer to use private transport instead of public transport ?

Transportation is the source of movement for people from one geographic to another.People can use it to carry a lot of them things by it such as luggage .it is very comfortable for a lot of people to go to a lot of countries by easy way and in any time.the public transport made a lot of changes in a lot of countries not make population.

Public transportation:
This means of transportation contain with a lot of numbers of public transportation facilities in any country. It includes local buses such as metro , buses and trains. These transportation facilities have special routes, schedules and connecting large cities.There are a lot of advantages of this type of
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Public transportation includes buses, trains,plans.Private transportation is used only by family members or their owners.
Public transportation is very cheap to all people. Particularly cheaper than you regularly go to any place and you can give discount.
Public transport should not be parked. When you need to park in any time it take a lot of time and you may be don't have time in this case you cause a lot of problems in the road.
Public transportation is a waste of time if you need take bus or train it may be come late for your work or the thing you go it. we see the Private Transportation Saves Time and be comfortable a lot. If you need to eat or drink any thing with your family you be have rest and do any thing that you
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And we see Private transportation is the main source of pollution.In another side we see that the Public vehicles show a small number of accidents.And in the other side the Special vehicles have increased the number of accidents.

This advantage over public transport saves you time and comfortable travel and allows the widespread use of the car according to the individual program that it uses. But it also increases environmental pollution. It's expensive to have gasoline in many countries, but its widespread use over the past few years has proven that people can use special vehicles. Car maintenance is also a challenge.

It's difficult to travel in a public vehicle and noisy noise over long distances.People prefer private vehicles for long distances.Public transport is convenient as you can only go back, relax, read a piece of paper, movies or watch movies.
Private transportation requires all your attention as you should drive and focus on the right road.

I interviewed six people in the United Arab Emirates and asked them to use public transport or personal transport?

1. Mohammad al-Shamsi is 27 years old from Sharjah. He uses a taxi because he can not find a parking near by my

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