The Negative Impact Of The Transcontinental Railroad

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Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the impact of Transcontinental Railroad that it had on people living in those regions.
Central Idea/Thesis Statement: The Transcontinental Railroad allowed many communities to flourish, it allowed people to travel more easily but it also ended up resettling much of the population.

I. Today if anybody decided to travel they would either do it with a car or plane but once upon time the train was the most reliable option.
II. The transcontinental Railroad was constructed in the mid-19th century in order to connect western and eastern sides of America. Even today the railroad has a huge impact on our society as it connects Metropolitan cities with many suburban areas. One of the example
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“Railroads poured nonindigenous settlers into a vast region that nation-states had earlier merely claimed” (White, 2011). Having the backing of railway companies the white settlers had great deal of trust in them.
TRANSITION: These are all positive effects that railroad had on the people but there are couple of negative aspects as well which I will explain.
II. The railroad has some negative aspects to it such as force removal of people of their lands.
A. Farmers and other groups of people came to a dispute since they were supposed to move out of their lands.
1. “federal marshal…rode through California’s Mussel Slough country enforcing court orders evicting farmers from illegally occupied lands that men had purchased from railroad company” (Conlogue, 1999). Even though some the tracks that were built over farms are not used anymore it was not given back to original owners.
B. Native Americans have been forced to relocate as well due to railroad companies buying off their land.
2. Native American land has been slowly claimed by white American settlers are backed up by railways companies (White, 2011).
III. The future impact of railroad that I will have on people
C. The railroad will be supported so that it can continue to benefit the local

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