Advantages Of Having A Dog

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The Great Advantages of a Dog Many people nowadays own pets at their houses and apartment, but the ones that do not still debates on whether they should get one or not. If you visit a friend or a family member’s house, 60% of the times you are more likely to find a pet, being a fish, a parrot, a cat, a dog, or even a rare species of animals. Although many people have different opinion on what kind of pets they like, for me the better choice is to own a dog. The motives why I chose to have a dog over any other kind of animal are companionship, exercise & fitness, and security purposes. These same reasons are the motives why my family and I decided to keep a lost dog named Chucky. I believe that cats and dogs are so unique in the way of companionship. …show more content…
This is because if we go over our weight, our body tends to become tired faster, we cannot sleep well at night, and we can even go into depression for not being satisfied with our body. By having a dog it means that the owner needs to take them out for walks on a daily basis and this helps both, the owner and the pet staying fit and healthy. For example; I can definitely say that I have got to know my neighborhood and see things that I would not have seen if it was not for walking Chucky. Things and sceneries such as meeting my neighbors, seeing a shooting star, and blood moon, and enjoying the quiet and beautiful sceneries around my neighborhood and nature parks. This is a great benefit for any pet owner and myself because it brings both parties in having a closer relationship with each …show more content…
Security comes in first place in many different cases. Some ways that dogs are more important in the security situation is keeping the house safe when the owner is sleeping or away by alerting of suspicious activities, helping the deficient owner doing activities that they are not able to, and even sacrificing their lives for their owner’s life. When we are considering suspicious cases, then we should consider the most intelligent dogs such as a Labrador and the German Shepherd known as the canine (K-9). The canines are the smartest dogs in the world and tends to help out the customs at the airport searching for drugs and explosives inside the luggages. I must say that if it was not for the canines inside the airport, our world could be a more dangerous place to live. When it comes to security, I must say that I am grateful for Chucky saving my stepdad’s life. On a quiet and beautiful night, my stepdad was walking Chucky when they heard a driver speeding through the neighborhood. When the driver was getting closer to my house, he lost control and slammed his pickup into my mother’s van. Fortunately enough my stepdad jumped out of the way, but eventually the driver slammed Chucky between both cars. If it was not for Chucky alerting my stepdad by barking, both of them could have been dead

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