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There is no doubting that legislators are fast to enact new programs and policies. The moment that tragedy strikes, the natural reaction is “we must fix this.” The media and the general public push politicians to enact policies and programs that may not be effective or even safe. Over the past decade, the media has broadcast coverage over many active shooters from Sandy Hook Elementary School to Virginia Tech to must notably, the Columbine shooting. Just how often are these shootings taking place? What can be done to stop this type of violence? Are active shooter prevention programs ever effective? This paper will discuss the benefits and disadvantages of implementing these types of programs and policies focusing specifically on active shooter prevention in school settings.
School Resource Officer Following events involving active shooters, many school districts have acted fast in employing sworn law
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Discretion should be used in cases of zero-tolerance under the Gun-Free Schools Act of 1994 by examining each case in depth and avoiding sentencing students to Alternative Schools that are only charged with a minor infraction. Sentencing under the Gun-Free Schools Act provides that any student caught with a firearm be expelled for a minimum of one year yet many schools have widened this to include petty offenses. Alternative schools have been proven to cause more harm than good by placing children with other children that have discipline problems. School corporations should also focus on anti-bullying programs as being bullied can lead to carrying a firearm for further protection and school districts should also work to train parents and teachers to recognize and report early signs of violent behavior (Redding & Shalf, 2001, pp.

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