Carol Crowley And Tillman Farley Study

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With many limitations that the authors lists about their research article, many questions come to mind that could really affect the way the findings of this article are perceived. The main point of Carol Crowley and Tillman Farley study is to understanding why they’re so many teen pregnancies? They interviewed about 200 girls that walked into a health clinic in a rural area. Some of the girl 's were pregnant so they were not included in the final results. The interviews were done by one of the two clinicians working in the adolescent. They asked the girl 's question that dealt with detail from their parents ' income to the girls boyfriends. Overall, they found out that the main connection between all the girls were their prescription …show more content…
For instance, one major imitation is where the study included, “we did not talk with the boyfriends themselves, but instead were limited to what the girls reported about their boyfriends.” (Crowley and Farley 436) this would suggest that the idea of this study must be completely absurd to think about. However, not only is this study an eye opener, but it is an awakening for the future. This study is a good reference because it has formed the bases of what future researchers will need to start real analyzing, “ A girl 's attitude toward pregnancy ...” (Crowley and Farley 432) . If you think about it when people think about teen pregnancy, they think that the girl wants to get pregnant or they wanted to find something that could love them back or...etc. When the authors reviewed past studies the authors state, “...providing birth control... Is likely to fail if teens are not interested in preventing pregnancy.”(Crowley and Farley 431) emphasizing the idea that teens are only thinking about getting pregnant just because they can. Also, when Crowley and Farley say, “ Adolescent may not share the same negative view of their childbearing as do adults concerned with preventing it.”(Crowley and Farley 431) proving even more that teens are not in the right mind set. However, with all the past studies, they still could not really explain or get a real general idea of why teen girls got pregnant until

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