Advantages And Disadvantages Of Virtual Classroom

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Virtual classrooms incorporate the strengths of the instructor-led classroom experience because they contain relationship building interaction and immediate feedback. The virtual classroom engages students, and engaged learners are responsible and energized by their learning. In a virtual learning environment, students also have easy access to resources on the internet. Virtual training creates a realistic training setting, which makes the content more relevant and increases the chances that training will transfer to the job. Other advantages of virtual training include the cost savings and convenience. Students can get together from any place at any time for a few hours every week (Noe, 2016). Some disadvantages of virtual training include …show more content…
Disadvantages of online self-study training are: it requires self-discipline from students; it is impersonal, and some students need personal interaction with their instructors in order to learn; constructive feedback can be limited; and too much time on a computer can be harmful and cause poor vision, strains and other physical issues (Noe, 2016).
Online self-study training is that it is not suitable for complex jobs that require hands-on experience like installing or fixing equipment. This training method is not appropriate when complex analytical, conceptual, or interpersonal skills need to be taught. Online training is appropriate when employees’ jobs require them to learn a standard set of facts or procedures (Noe, 2016). Activists dislike reading, writing and thinking alone and would not do well in an online training setting that requires a lot of self-discipline. They work well with others and need to be in a group setting. Independent learners will find online training suited to their needs. Visual/Verbal learners like to study alone in a quiet setting. They visualize information in order to remember it. Online self-study training is appropriate for these learners because most of the information presented is in writing

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