Why Do Cell Phones A Waste Of Time

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The radiation-induced cell phones cause chemical processes in the body may cause damage.
The Cell phone is the most common device in the world. The majority of people use cell phones. People who want to communicate with others can use cell phone to do that. Using a cell phone is a very important thing in people’s live. In addition, there are many ways to contact people who don’t live in the same house or same area by cell phones and computers. In these days, it is significant for everyone to have a cell phone. Moreover, it is very important to communicate easily with friends and families no matter where they are. Also, cell phones have been peaked throughout the world. Todays, cell phone is very helpful for people’s business a lot such as
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Moreover, the majority of people who are under the age 25 don’t pay their bill by themselves. Using a cell phone can be wastage of time and money that depends on the user. However, most of teenagers use cell phone as a waste of time and money. Parents should follow their children who are mature enough because they don’t know how they can use their cell phones in a perfect way (Hamer, C. (2007). In addition, teenagers who are immature may use their cell phones in a bad way. They may waste their money and time to do something is not useful or helpful to do. The majority of teenagers spend their time to communicate with their friends by social media such as Facebook, what’s up and Skype. In addition, if parents don’t control their children as a result, children will do whatever they want. When people use their cell phone for something is not necessary to do, they will pay about it. For example, some people they might buy their tone on line so that means they spend their money on something is not necessary. Also, they may download something from the internet is not helpful or they play video games on their cell …show more content…
For students, cell phones are very unhelpful more than helpful because cell phones cause to delay their studies Wood, P and Sinton, D. (2009). For example, students use cell phones as entertainment more than as a tool of studying. If teachers allow students to use cell phones in the class, students will lose their consideration. Moreover, the majority of students doesn’t know their benefits of using cell phones. On the other hand, some parents wish that colleges or schools can accept students using their phones because it is easy for parents to communicate with their children. However, schools worry if the students bring with cell phones with them, they will not focus about the lesson as well as they have

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