Essay on Advantages And Disadvantages Of Paternalistic Leadership

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4 Advantages and disadvantages of paternalistic leadership

Now that we’ve examined the core elements and characteristics of the style, it’s important to study its impact on an organisation. The paternalistic style, just like any other leadership model, has strong advantages, but also notable downsides to its application.

Advantages of paternalistic leadership

The major advantage of paternalistic leadership to other authoritarian models is the focus on employee welfare. Although employees might not have the power to impact decisions within the company, a paternalistic leader’s decision making is strongly influenced by the effect different actions will have on the employee. Paternalistic leadership considers the wellbeing of employees to be one of the keys to company success.
The leader doesn’t simply make decisions in terms of what is best for the organisation, but tends to favour the happiness of employees. For example, if the company needs to find ways to cut costs, a paternalistic leader wouldn’t consider firing employees as the best course of action. Instead, the leader would look for other ways, which would be less damaging for employee welfare.
In essence, since the focus is on making decisions that benefit or, at least, don’t harm the subordinates, the paternalistic leadership framework can boost employee motivation and therefore productivity. If the employee feels that the leader and the organisation truly cares for him or her, they feel more connected to the…

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