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Abraham Lincoln was one of the greatest leaders in American history. Lincoln was known as a person with integrity and truth and he had banned slavery, but one thing was that he has owned some slaves. However, Lincoln was recognized as a significant leader by reason of him winning the Civil war, then that lead to the end of slavery. Therefore, Lincoln was seen as a leader with integrity, courage, and vision which made him become a leader that everyone wanted to be. Abraham Lincoln was a leader with integrity, which comes from his nickname “ Honest Abe” making him earn that nickname for being honest and having a strong moral principle. In the Academic Journal, ¨Lincoln and Leadership¨ by Striner, Richard, the author asserts “The preface states …show more content…
During Lincoln’s presidency, his leadership was mostly based on integrity and it was his reputation to tell the truth so he kept it and he was well known for that. Striner the author of “Lincoln and Leadership” asserts, “For instance, in his quarrel with the "tendency to reduce history to an inspiring pageant," he imputes to Americans generally an obliviousness to the human cost of the Civil War. He writes that the legacy of postwar prosperity "inclines Americans to regard the Civil War, simply as a slight detour in the republic's irrepressible rise to greatness"(Striner). Lincoln had to show some integrity about what he thought about the expansion of slavery and put his foot down and fight against slavery. In the book, ¨Lincoln on Leadership¨ by Donald Phillips, the author asserts, “Fail to honor people, …show more content…
He leads the Unions to victory and accomplishing his goal of stopping the expansion of slavery. In the Academic Journal, ¨The Civil War¨ by Gale student resources, the author asserts, “During the course of the war, more than six hundred thousand Americans on both sides of the conflict died, making it to this day the bloodiest armed conflict in U.S. history. The final Union victory in the conflict resulted in the abolition of slavery throughout the United States”(Gale). With the Civil War is one of the bloodiest wars, lots of casualties were murdered as a result of them fighting for what was morally right. In the book, ¨Lincoln on Leadership¨ by Donald Phillips, the author asserts, “Maintain grace under pressure. Know right from wrong. And have courage”(Pg 74). He had to know what’s right from wrong and also having the courage to show them what is morally right. Lincoln has the ability knowing right and wrong, he also needed to have courage to stand up for himself on what thought what was necessary to fight for. Lincoln’s vision about everyone in general, he saw that everyone was equal and that is what set Lincoln to be different from other presidents because he had a vision that everyone is

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