Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Shopping Essay

Online shopping is continuously becoming more popular and growing rapidly every day along with the development of technology are getting better at Malaysia. Online retail sales are estimated to grow from $172 billion in 2005 to $329 billion in 2010 [Johnson 2005]. There are 32 countries worldwide with the Internet penetration rate higher than 50%
( As of April 2006, 73% of American adults are Internet users ( Online shopping has it advantages and disadvantages for both individuals and companies. Before making online shopping is better if we knowing the advantages of online shopping and its disadvantages are additional knowledge for a lot of online shoppers that are useful. The advantages
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The availability of online stores gives the freedom to shop at your own place and convenience. It is very rare to find any at the stores that are open 24/7. It can help the customers to get the products and it can save the time for shopping.

The disadvantage of online shopping is trust. Trust in online shopping is very important to build a relationship between sellers and customers. To build trust between online shops and online buyers is necessary. It is because when losing trusts it will lose customers in the future and it also will avoid many other problems with the customers. In addition, users also need to do research on the companies before do the online shopping because it has many fake website that take the payment without posting the products.
Other disadvantage is diminished instant satisfaction. Customer should wait for the product to delivery. Sometimes it take a long time to arrive because it depending on the location of the place. It is different when buying at retail stores, customer are able to use the product instantly after buy it, which can be satisfying. The products featured in the website also in contrast to products
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It is because the payment can make using the credit card. It has a case fraudulent person gets hold of your credit card or account number, you may run the risk of being duped and cheated monetarily. Hence, it is advisable to the customer to purchase items from a particular website only after checking its privacy policy thoroughly and making sure that the portal is authentic and can be held accountable in case of discrepancies. User-friendliness and aesthetics are also missing in online shopping. It is because customers just make the order of the product through the website or phone call without face to face during buying the product.
Online shopping has advantages for both individuals and companies and it also has some disadvantages because they have some negative effects. The decision to online shopping is depending on the individual to evaluate and choose a reliable website and companies along with the technology. As consumers, we should be wise to select companies which feature the best service in online shopping and be smart to make sure buying from a reputable website. Do your research just like you would any other

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