Effects Of Texting On Communication Skills

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Johnathan Mundadi
Ms. Fleggas
ENG 111 – 4202
05 July 2016
Memes of Communication Body language, music, messages and sign language all are different forms of communication. Before the digital technology era, people communicated in various ways such as stone carving and letters. Communication is an essential part of life used by everyone everywhere and life depends on it. To obtain an education, to hold a job and to raise a family are just a few instances of the barriers one can face with ineffective communication skills. It is important to effectively communicate to prevent any misunderstanding that can lead to problem. The advanced technology has facilitated means of communication worldwide significantly improving the overall ways of communicating.
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This is not a surprise as the world has become very impatient and always demanding answers now. As everything in the world has it positive and negative sides, texting also has its own but most people only think about the positive effect of texting but not the negative side of it. Examination of research shows that texting negatively effects students’ written communication skills, it also effects driving and health. (END OF INTRO) (FIRST BODY) On one side Solomon Ali Dansieh argue that “SMS texting and Its Potential Impacts on Students’ Written Communication Skills.” Indeed, various ways of communicating have improved over the course of the year, however texting has setback those improvements because it is slowly if not, destroying effective communication. Dansieh states “There is no doubt that text messaging has some impact on the way people talk and write-some negative; others positive depending on the content and context” (Dansieh 222). Upon completing his research and based on the data he collected from various educators, it was concluded that texting has a negative impact on student’s writing skills. Also, based on his research he collected, …show more content…
First of all, texting is a distraction while driving because it takes the driver’s eyes off the road. Teen’s texting while driving has become almost a pandemic that it is now a crime if caught doing so by law makers. Just like any bad habit there is always a consequence as the result and the same goes with texting. According to Srinivas, White, and Omar, texting while driving is the most concerning distraction because it encompasses all three classes of distractions: “visual, manual and cognitive.” Texting while driving can cause several accidents because the moment a person takes their eyes off the road anything can happen causing a senseless accident, possibly injuring or even killing innocent individual because of the unlawful choice made at that instant to look away from the road. In the article of Srinivas, White, and Omar, it was concluded that “In response to the growing concern of texting and driving, many cellular phone providers have since begun to target those most likely to engage in this risky behavior. Verizon wireless began its national “Do not text and Drive” campaign in 2009 while cellular phone giant ATandT started their “texting and driving ….it can wait” campaign in 2010 with short videos featuring families with lost loved one, as well as focus group, the theme of ATandT’s campaign is one that appears to resonate with adolescents: “no text is

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