Big Data Vs Traditional Marketing Research Essay

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The rapid transformation of technology has created a massive growth in the amount of data that humans and machines generate. Most of the big data has been crated over the past two years and is not stopping any time soon. Big data is known to be huge and complex. The data generated by people and machines come from social media sites, purchases, and from search engines. Over the years and with the help of technology companies have acquire data from its customers in many different ways. Now, most of the machines are smart and they send the data automatically to the company.
Big data has the ability to provide advantages, but at the same time it has its disadvantages. The companies receive and store an exuberant amount of data, and companies try to incorporate the data they gather into their strategies to better satisfy the customer needs. Companies make most of their decisions integrating the data they received from its customers, and is helping them to improve their relationships. However, all this data is overwhelming to many companies
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First, to do a good traditional marketing research a process must be followed, and this applies to big data as well. Also, when they are in the process to implement the research plan both focuses in the collection, processing, and analyzation of data. Additionally, both big data and traditional methods need to have the correct and accurate information in order to get the best results. The major difference between big data and traditional marketing research is the amount of data they handle, traditional methods produce big quantities of data, but big data is capable of producing an unimaginable volume of data. Another difference, between the two procedures is how they collect data; for example, big data uses smart machines capable of sending information to the servers in real time and it automatically collects, organizes, and interprets the

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