The Importance Of The Information Age

We pass from an industrial age to an information age around 1940 in US, but as far as around 1858 for Britain. The Information age, however has growth at a fast pace living the old school behind where in person and/or days and even months for delivery of information has become a thing of the past. Today messages and information are at the touch of the fingers and has expand to most part of the world. But what makes this age to important, how database management system has help to stay current with the information age and what the different between data and information are some of the question to be answer in this essay. In addition, anomalies and their impacts, decision-making and information role as well as the impact of “The Cloud” will be discussed. …show more content…
NO technology no business is as simple as that. Even the simplest business needs some type of technology (information system) to survive the world of information age. Everything from a simple message to the delivery of a package to a multimillion contract for importing is pretty much done using a type of technology. If a business doesn’t want to fall behind, missed opportunities, become irrelevant in the business world technology must be part of the business. Is not necessary for all business to have the latest technology, but minimal such as emails, social media to communicate and stay up today in the related field and what’s happening around the world are key elements. Information age is a door of opportunity for businesses that otherwise where not visible to the world, consequently to market the business local or global, to expand, know the competition and how to bit it as well as to increase profit is imperative technology in every

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