Renewable Energy

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1. What does the term “renewable” mean?
The term renewable when referencing resources means a source of energy that is not exhausted by use, types of renewable resources include water, wind and solar power.
2. Which two renewable energy forms did you choose?
In this DF I’d like to discuss biofuel and hydrokinetic power.
3. For each, describe two benefits.
Biofuel yields many benefits, however, I feel like the two most important benefits we see when utilizing biofuels are, number one is that it is renewable and number two it reduces Greenhouse gases. Unlike fossil fuels, that we so greatly depend on, biofuels come from renewable resources such as corn, manure, and waste from plant crops, yard waste, fruits and vegetables. These resources
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For each, describe two drawbacks.
The two drawbacks of biofuel are first, they are expensive to produce, which reduces the popularity of biofuels use and second the production utilizes a great amount to water. Water is utilized when watering the crops used to produce biofuels, so as the demand increases, the crops utilized in the production will also need to increase. An increase in crops means an increase in the water needed to irrigate the fields. Although water is considered a renewable resource, this may put a damper on the local water resources.
The main drawback regarding hydrokinetic power is the lack of experience we have with them, as only a small number of devices have been set up and tested in rivers and oceans in the U.S, so the potential effects and concerns associated with these hydrokinetic power devices are mainly speculated theory of what if’s. These “what if’s” according to a report to Congress in 2007 by the U.S. Department of Energy include “concerns about installation, electromagnetic fields, spinning turbines, accidental leaks and changes in currents and waves. All of these could alter migration paths, transform beaches and bays, injure marine life, disturb the seabed and diminish food availability” ("Understanding the Effects of Ocean/Tidal/Stream Power - News",

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