Advantage Of Artificial Intelligence

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Today we live in a society where computers are becoming more intelligent and researchers say eventually it will exceed the human brain. Artificial intelligence is the making of intelligent machines that are able to preforms task that are completed by human beings. Humans create the technological programs so that one cannot exist without the other. As technology is advancing it stimulates the economy for which humans need survive. There have been many recent examples of artificial intelligence continuing to advance but not without error as evidence by autonomous vehicles and robotic surgery. Artificial intelligence has enabled humans to be more effective with cognitive functions, however humans may fear the future of artificial intelligence impacting the cognitive functions to the extent of minimum human productivity. The main concept of artificial intelligence is to develop machines that can help us accomplish tasks more effectively and make us recognize our intelligence as humans.
An example of this would be robotic surgery were medical team guides that robotic process to ensure a successful outcome with patient care. During
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Instead of writing we use computers to type or use a calculator to figure out calculations. Artificial intelligence can be applied when doing repetitive and laborious tasks. For example in the workplace artificial intelligence is able to organize and administer records saving time for employees. One of the most beneficial advantages of artificial intelligence is unlike humans machines do need to sleep or take breaks. As humans typically need take a break during the workday before they began to find themselves uninterested or drained but machines are able to work through it without stopping. Intelligent machines can alter their limits like their speed and time so they are able to perform quickly and finish before

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