Adult Abuse And The Right Frame Of Mind Essay

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Abuse is victimizing an individual and treating them unfairly, it can also be assaulting and ignoring an individual 's human and civil rights. It 's most likely that vulnerable adults get abused abuse due to weaknesses and sometimes not being in the right frame of mind. In this assignment I would specifically be focussing on adult abuse, there are many different categories when it comes to adult abuse such as physical abuse example punching or sexual abuse such as rape. There are many forms of abuse. It is very significant that we figure out if an individual is being abused as in most cases abuse can lead to extreme low self esteem or depression which can eventually lead to suicide.
Physical abuse is when someone knowingly and purposely hurts you, this can be through pinching, hitting, scratching, burning or the misuse of medication etc. There are a number of signs which help us find out whether an individual is being abused such as bruising which can suggest that the person is being hit, scars or injuries in places where the naked eye cannot see. Scars such as burns and cuts don 't always mean that the person is being abused since accidents do happen but if the scar doesn 't match the explanation given then it 's the duty of the service provider to explore how the injury occurred. Physical abuse can make an individual feel depressed, anxious and afraid, this can then lead to modification in behaviour which can point out to an individual who is suffering from physical…

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