Adoption And Foster Care Policies Essay

1002 Words Apr 4th, 2016 null Page
Adoption and foster care may sound different, but in reality, they both tie together into one big factor. Adoption and foster caring can both lead to long term permanent families for babies, children and also teens that doesn’t have a permanent family in their lives. Adoption and foster caring is a serious responsibility and should be taken serious. Adoption and foster care have been a negative effect for children around the world, there has been hundreds of reports and statistics of foster parents and adoption that have affected children and teens mentally and physically in many negative ways in the United States. While some orphanage and foster care experts think that orphanages and foster homes are safe, maintain some foster homes are the worst to put children in
. The big issue in this situation is orphanages and foster care have affected the minds and bodies of children, teenagers and babies depending on their caretakers. The foster care system has been corrupted over the years and the only way it could get better for the child 's life if society and the government create stricter restrictions of not only the adoption system but foster caring in our society. Our foster care system around the world has been going through a roller coaster, different states have different restrictions and criteria with not only adopting children, but also putting children in foster homes with different foster parents without the complete and more in depth background checks have been known…

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