Essay Adolescence Adulthood : Writing At The College Level

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From Adolescence to Adulthood: Writing at the College Level Well known for her research and publications on student writing, Nancy Sommers—now Harvard’s Expository Writing Program Director—discusses revision strategies in the journal College Composition and Communication. Throughout this essay, I will be focusing on three articles: “Revision Strategies of Student Writers and Experienced Adult Writers” (1980), “Between the Drafts” (1992), and finally, “the Novice as Expert” (2004) which she wrote alongside Laura Saltz. Revision Strategies of Student Writers and Experienced Adult Writers (1980) juxtaposes through a case study the revision strategies of first-year college students and experienced writers. Between the Drafts (1992) narrates Sommers’ personal experience with revision strategies. The Novice as Expert: Writing the Freshmen Year (2004) examines the methodology Sommers and Saltz believe first-year college students should approach when writing. In all three articles, Sommers analyzes revision strategies, leading her to conclude that because first-year college students keep using the high school revision model, students fail at revising during college.
Sommers concludes in her 1980 article that first-year college students do not understand the purpose of revision; hence, they do not know how to approach it appropriately. According to Sommers, high school students are taught to simply revise the grammar and structural errors (p. 383), causing students to understand…

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