Admn 232 - Assignment 1 Essay

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Student Name: Stephanie Bourgeois
Student ID: 3225453
Assignment #1
Manager’s Organization: 895084952RC00001 operating as Sam’s Monkey Tree Pub, Diamantes Restaurant, & Diamantes Catering.

Steve Dinham, Manager and Co Owner of Canadian Business 895084952RC00001 or better known as Sam’s Monkey Tree Pub, Diamantes Restaurant, and Diamantes Catering, is truly a jack-of-all-trades. Strategic planning (food/liquor/dry goods orders), organization (scheduling, staffing), effective leadership (working the floor with the staff), and control (staying on target with budgets, communications, sales) with his business partner, employees, and suppliers are all a crucial part of the day-to-day operations needed for these businesses’ success.
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Steve played a key role in modernizing the company by implementing a Point of Sale (POS) system that allowed for electronic cost capturing and product counts that could be printed out daily, monthly, or annually for year end. Several years later a barcode scanning system was brought in to facilitate the liquor counts and to cut down on product loss and theft.

With a Bachelor in Business Communications (human) from St. Mary’s University in Halifax, NS and over 22 years in the hospitality industry (technical), Steve Dinham is more than equipped with the skills needed to run a successful multi business company (conceptual) with the goal of taking over as sole proprietor in June 2018 (motivation). His managerial role is a mix of all four types as he is a top manager, middle manager, first-line manager, and a team leader. Steve acts as a key ambassador at sponsored events, informs staff of changes and updates during meetings, and negotiates prices with suppliers. These responsibilities serve as examples as to how he acts in the interpersonal, informational, and decisional roles. Customers, employees serve as primary stakeholders while service institutions act as secondary stakeholders, such as the Legislative Assembly all depend on Steve to act responsibly in these roles to ensure that their Company’s best interests are achieved.

The internal culture for this company is as

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