Country Strong Alcoholic Analysis

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Addiction is a chronic disease that impairs ones behavior and life responsibilities. It can be pleasurable to oneself, but harmful at the same time. Addiction involves substances and activities such as alcohol, cocaine, gambling, etc. and it becomes very compulsive.

Twenty-five percent of all alcoholics are women. Gwyneth Paltrow plays the character of Kelly Canter who suffers from alcoholism in the movie, “Country Strong.” She demonstrated the struggle one goes through when being an addict. Kelly Canter was a famous country singer who was making a come back after being washed up and being an alcoholic. Women are different to men because their disease appears later, while their progress is quicker, which is what Kelly Canter shows in the film.

Kelly Canter starts by singing with the man she is currently having an affair with Beau. The audience learns that she is currently in Rehab, allowing the audience to have hope for this country star.
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Kelly and her husband both go through the denial process throughout the entire film, which doesn’t help because in class discussion we learned that addiction is a chronic disease, which if left untreated can be fatal. This was perceived in Kelly’s story. Alcoholism is a long-term disorder. People who suffer from this disorder, like Kelly, all have different ways of going through treatment. Unfortunately, Kelly’s life was not in the best condition for the support of treatment, hence her ending. However, we learned that a person with an addiction, such as alcoholism require multiple needs, need the adequate time (which is 90days, which Kelly did not do as stated above), need to know that detox is the first step, and that there is a lot of encouragement, motivation, and want needed to start treatment. Addiction is a disease that needs to be taken more serious, or else it could hurt the person who is addicted and they people they love around

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