Augustus Gone Addiction

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Addiction is the condition of being mentally and physically dependant to a particular substance, thing, or activity. One can be addicted to something if they have withdrawal symptoms or anxiety when they give up a particular habit and are dependant on it to get the desired effect. In the movie, Augusta Gone, it displays the course of drug addiction, although the depiction is slightly inaccurate. Augusta is portrayed as a character who is going through issues with drug addiction, which affected her relationship her family and her friend, Daisy.
In the beginning stages of Augusta’s drug addiction, she was first introduced to the world drugs by Rain. She offered her a cigarette and Augusta eventually explored other drugs, entering the world of drugs that you can’t escape from. She also started display anger towards her mother and ruined her friendship with Daisy. This is a form of peer pressure because Rain convinced her that not doing drugs and obeying her parents “wasn’t cool”. Peer pressure is influence from members of one's peer group. One could argue that Rain and her friends were the reason she began using drugs, however there were some other factors that made
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At the conclusion of this program we are led to believe she lived a “happy ever after” life.this is not the typical path for addicts in recovery and is in fact, falsely depicted. People who fall victim to drug addiction suffer from severe withdrawal symptoms and cannot make it out alone with one snap of a finger and say they are ok. If this was reality, Augusta most likely could not have been able to make it through the bus ride or even to the bus. She would be very ill, and would be in need of assistance and under care. In all, the movie does not appropriately show the course of drug addiction, however it proves how drugs can affect one’s life, and their decisions impacting others and their

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