Case Problem 2 Crisis Action Plan

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Problem 2: Crisis Action Planning
When starting on Problem 2, there were a couple of lessons learned from the first problem, I wanted sustain and others I wanted to improve upon. The one thing I wanted to sustain from our first group was the relaxed atmosphere we had. There really wasn’t a lot of running around and playing catch up. Everyone was able to accomplish their work without any real missteps and believed that everyone put the best foot forward towards the problem at hand. The main thing I wanted to improve in the new group, was how we interacted as a group. No drama and definitely no personality conflicts. I honestly believe that it was a huge success and made for a positive team experience.
For this problem charge I believe our team’s
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The first would focus on Update #1 and another group would work on Update 2 and the remainder of the team would work on the Final. It is important to note that although we separated into 3 smaller groups, we were still one group and would help when needed and provide feedback to each component of the Problem. Our group focused on creating a positive, ego free, respectful environment which made for a positive and collaborative environment. When looking back at Problem 1 Team, I quickly realized that while were able to complete the tasks successfully, I didn’t feel we were a successful team. To be more specific, the fact that our initial team had such strong personalities, it forced some of the team members, myself included, onto the back bench. I felt that it wasn’t worth it to create conflict because I felt that it wouldn’t have changed the behavior and could have hurt the team in the end. However, on the Problem 2 team, it was clear this was a different group and we all wanted to do things differently. We started off on the right foot and stayed that way the entire problem. We respected everyone’s views and opinions. There was no over talking and everyone had a voice. There were great discussions and

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