Essay on Acknowledgement And Guidance And Appraisal

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No task can be accomplished without proper support, guidance and appraisal. We are highly thankful to many people who contributed either directly or indirectly for this project and provided their invaluable cooperation to us for completing it.
We would like to thank our H.O.D-IT Dept. Prof. Hiteishi Diwanji and our faculty members of Information Technology department for constantly guiding and showing me the correct way to reach towards the desired goal.
Then We would like to thank our guide Prof. Mital Panchal who has helped me out in each and every phase of the project and without his support and guidance the project would not have been completed successfully.
This acknowledgement will be incomplete if we do not convey our heartfelt gratitude to our Prof. Komal and other faculty members for their guidance and moral support during the preparation of this project.
The wholehearted help and co-operation extended by my friends are gratefully acknowledged. We once again extend our sincere thanks to all of them.1. Introduction

1.1 Background Details

in current system donator is not donate actually what they want but only money is the way of the donation that is also not secure because the donation that they made is not reliable and that’s why it is very unreliable.

1.2 Overall Description
This project is developed a java based website for online secure , and hassle free donation on java based. This website will bridge the gape between the donator and the…

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