Davis Conservation Foundations Case Study

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The Trustees of the Davis Conservation Foundation require that you provide a completion report. If the project is not completed within 12 months of receipt of funds, please provide a brief written progress report in the interim.

1. What were your original goals and objectives for this project and to what extent were they achieved?
The goal of the project was to hire an intern for the summer of 2016, a student with an environmental focus, to assist with monitoring conservation lands owned by the Town of Hampton. The Town has approximately 150 parcels that are either owned outright by the Town or have Town owned conservation easements. The Hampton Conservation Commission (HCC) is responsible for monitoring these properties on a regular basis.
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Based on the answer you provided for question #3, did these obstacles or opportunities cause you to make any significant changes to the original project proposal? For instance, were changes made to the project budget, timeline, partners, or expected results? If so, please describe below.
The delayed start reduced the time period for conservation land monitoring which is one the main reason a portion of the grant money was not spent. Our intern was also very generous with his time and was more interested in the experience than the paycheck. Although this a commendable, I do not believe the amount that was paid accurately reflects the total effort for walking the sites and writing up the reports.

5. How were the Davis Conservation Foundation grant funds spent? Please attach an itemized expense summary comparing actual expenses with your original budget.
See attached expense spreadsheet

6. Did our grant attract other funding for your project? (Please explain.)
This effort helped the HCC support the addition of a summer monitoring intern position in their yearly budget.

7. Did our grant, in combination with funding from other sources, result in excess funding for your project?
No, there was not additional funding received for this

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