Achilles 'Tragic Hero In Homer's Iliad'

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Taisha Pacheco
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AP lit
1979 Prompt
The Iliad
Mrs. Bauman
In Homer’s Iliad, people are conflicted with their vengeance and their pride. Achilles stands up for himself because of the disrespect of Agamemnon. Achilles has a chance to honor himself after his death, however, he refuses Hector’s offer, in order to honor Patroclus. The refusal could have led to a dishonor of Achilles’ body, if Hector would have won. Readers experience the wrath of the warrior. Readers notice a sense of complexity when proud Achilles’ must honor Patroclus, at whatever cost. However, he has tenderness when Priam retrieves his son. Achilles is immoral, but he still deserves pity after Patroclus’ death.
Contradictory to what some might consider, Achilles is the villain due to his immoral actions. Most people might consider Agamemnon to be the biggest antagonist because of Agamemnon outrageous actions. However, Agamemnon is less of a villain because Agamemnon gave Achilles a chance. Agamemnon¬¬ wanted to give Bryseis back and Achilles responded saying that there are other girls he can have. Achille clearly states in book 8, “There are plenty of Greek girls in Phthia and Hellas, daughters of leader, the defender of cities: from those I can choose a loving wife.”
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Achilles represents himself as a rancorous man. Achilles is contradictory because he apologizes for his anger towards Agamemnon; however, the readers can’t help but to feel sorrow for Achilles’ because of his misfortune throughout the novel. he experiences constant vengeance. He attempts throughout the novel to redeem himself by ruining the Achaeans to trying to avenge his best friend. The character development and Achilles’ actions prove that Achilles truly an immoral man, but he is complex because he has a tenderness for those grieving like himself. Even though he is immoral, truly what man is not? People should pity Achilles as they must

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