Achilles And Achilles: The Characteristics Of A Tragic Hero

To be a tragic hero one must possess nobility, misfortune, recognition, tragic flaw, irony, and catharsis. These elements characterize the strength of a true tragic hero. Each aspect allows those to understand the meaning, the motive, and the misery each tragic hero faces. Tragic heroes overcome what most cannot, and still thrive for greatness in the mix of it all. Any hero must obtain a noble birth; must be a great warrior, must be known for his heroic acts, and must face supernatural foes or receive supernatural help.
A noble birth were not common in previous time. Everyday commoners would never become an epic hero for the reason that they did not have a noble birth. However, Achilles, Hector, Beowulf, and Hamlet were all born into royalty.
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Each of these individuals did some great deed to be remembered as a hero. Achilles being the leader of the Myrmidons and being honored by all men and the gods. During the battle, Achilles abandoned his men on the battlefield as a result of his army being defeated. The death of Achilles’ comrade Patroclus provoked Achilles to come back to the battle to avenge Patroclus’ death. Achilles went on a rage assassinating every Trojan which lead up to the death of Hector. Achilles sacked many cities, brought his men to battle to recapture Helen, and he slew Hector. All of Achilles’ courageous acts proved him to be the hero of their town. ("Ancient History Encyclopedia") Achilles and Hector were looked at differently when it came to the war. Hector being the commander of the Trojan Army allowed him to be recognized by everyone. Hector took on many Greek warriors to defend his men and Troy. Hector puts himself first out of all of his men. Hector slayed the first Greek warrior. As a result of Hector’s responsible and heroic acts the gods adored him as he praised them and this allowed him to be known as the future King of Troy. ("Character Analysis Hector") Like Hector, Beowulf being known as the greatest hero of his town. Beowulf willingly endangered his life for others when he battled Grendel. As a trophy, Beowulf ripped off Grendel’s arm and displayed it on the rafters of Herot to prove his bravery. After the death of Grendel, Beowulf once again endangered his life to battle Grendel’s mother, who came to avenge her son’s death, and the fierce dragon, who had been disturbed by a thief. Through these horrific events, Beowulf has been known for his strength, his bravery, and his heroic actions. Everyone who knows the brave story of Beowulf, has been honored to call him a true hero. ("123 Help Me! com")Similar to Beowulf, those who know the story of Hamlet are also

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