Achieving Long Term Investment And Academic Achievement Essay

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College students have been educated to take various risks in order to achieve the best possible result for any given situation. Some risk comes with numerous consequences, but some come with an abundance of rewards. The best investment you can make in college is an investment in yourself, but sometimes the best investment is in the stock market.
The younger you are, the more risk you can take. This saying describes college education, and investing in the stock market very well. When students enter college, it rare to know the exact outcome of your undergraduate career, but over time the roads becomes clear. We are given choices that build our character, test our willingness to achieve, and determine our risk factors. Correspondingly, when investing in a stock it is almost impossible to determine the outcome right away. Achieving long-term investment and academic achievement involve patience, diligence, effort, and psychological discipline.
There are approximately 4,410 universities in the United States. This number it includes public four and two year institutions and private four and two year institutions. Each is distinct with their own attraction and success rate. With the right amount of research and proper understanding of the positives and negatives of each university it becomes easier to find the right choice. Currently, there are about 2,760 companies trading on the NASDAQ and 2,312 on the NYSE. (Reboredo,2016 ) Investing in a stock has very distinct steps closely…

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