Achieving Economic Activities By Efforts Of Ultimate Economic Liberalization

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Achieving unobstructed economic activities by efforts of ultimate economic liberalization

Over the past two decades, economic liberalisation by global productivities has been increasingly expanding and persisting the advancements of western economic growth (Stehr & Strasser, 2004, p. 4). Many people from developed countries have prospered from ‘globalism’ (Robertson, 2003, p. 4) as a result of cross-border trade and investments. However for developing countries, that are not sizeable enough to be competitive or successful on world markets, due to a lack of entrepreneurial dynamism, effectively render prosperity and development to leading regions (Huggins, et al., 2014, p. 258). In a freely competitive environment, entrepreneurs will have more opportunities to contribute to prospects of economic growth. This paper explains economic growth alternatives and examples of dynamic entrepreneurship that expands on alternative systems that could ultimately replace capitalism globally.
Alternative proposals to modern neoliberal capitalism are based on ecological, social and living experiences. Networks of people in different places around the world are seeking to ‘move to a more sustainable, harmonious, liveable and just world order’ (Harcourt, 2014, p. 1322). Key determinants of growth that have inhibited economic growth and capitalist relations across countries, weaken public and private transnational incentives (Gylfason, 2001, p. 8). Some alternative visions that are…

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