Achieving Academic And Career Success Essay

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We live in world where the demands to achieve academic and career success have become the end goals of life. Professor Linda Darling-Hammond from Stanford University states, “A quality education is very essential, for students to succeed in school, having good careers and happy lives. As the great Ron Lewis once said; “Ensuring quality education is one of the most important things we can do for our future generations”. Quality education is believed to be very important and it is essential that students are all students are provided with quality education. A quality education can only be attained in an institution that offers provides quality education, but what determines quality education? The Australian government is committed to ensure that all Australian students have access to a high-quality school education and this document will endeavour to discuss to what extent is my high school is a sufficient institution for high quality education.
The great … adds on to say: My high school is a very large school, located in South Australia with an enrolment of over 1000 students. The school offers secondary education of year 8 to 12. It is an outstanding and comprehensive secondary school with a vibrant and dynamic learning environment. The school is very dedicated and devoted in providing the students…….It is a very exciting and innovative school that offers a diverse range of subjects and opportunities for all students. An exceptional school that promotes academic excellence…

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