According To Glaser: The Rise Of China

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1). According to Glaser, what are the standard liberal and realist views about the rise of China?
According to Glaser, the realist and liberal views differ greatly about the rise of China. According to liberals, the current world is defined by “political and economic openness,” as said in Glaser’s work. Liberals believe that the US will allow China to do what it is doing peacefully. The realist perspective is completely different. They believe that the rise of China will lead to “intense competition.” Realists believe that as China continues to rise, other states such as the US will try and compete with them. They believe that this might lead to something similar to the Cold War. 2). In two subsequent paragraphs, Glaser identifies two different
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As said in the article, neo-isolationists believe that keeping these allies would lead to the US being involved in unnecessary battles in other continents. They think that this will distract the US from just defending themselves, which should be their main goal. People who support selective engagement believe that keeping these allies is “the best way to prevent the eruption of a conflict in the first place.” These alliances affect the US and China because if the US were to keep these alliances China could invade these states. However, if the US were to keep their alliances with China, these attacks would be unlikely to occur. These are the main debates on whether the US should keep these allies. 6). What does Glaser recommend the US do about Taiwan?
Glaser recommends that the US should “reduce its commitment to Taiwan.” He says this because he believes that if the US defends Taiwan, US and China relations could move downhill very quickly. He says that the US should back away from Taiwan in a slow manner because if they do it to quick, there could be bad relations between the US and Taiwan. He says that the US should have time to back away because China and Taiwan have improved their relations

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