Essay on Accommodations For Diverse Learners By Jayne Reinhiller

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Accommodations for Diverse Learners
Jayne Reinhiller The school community is full of diversity. Some of it is easily seen like race and gender, but much more hides under the surface. During my student teaching experience, I had the blessing of working with students with many learning, emotional, and behavioral needs. At the beginning of the year, I read my students’ IEP’s and cognitively understood their struggles, but until one works with a student, one cannot truly appreciate their struggles and successes. As I reflect on my teaching of students with IEP’s, three categories of accommodation come to light: adjusted lessons and assignments, behavioral plans, and personal assistance. Adjusted lessons and assignments are the most dramatic changes for students with IEP’s. They are used sparingly in my classroom as many of the students, with a little extra help, and complete the original assignments. However, there are instances where modification is necessary. For example, I have one class period where over half the students are on IEP’s. Many of these IEP’s are for emotional issues, but several are major learning disabilities. This requires different instructional strategies than most of my classes. For example, if I have a document that most students are able to read on their own and answer questions, I have this class read the assignment out loud or I read the document to them. I use this as an opportunity to explain harder concepts and words. This allows for greater…

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