Mentally Challenged Accommodations

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Mentally Challenged
Accommodations #1: Have the student use thick pencils or markers to help with challenging motor skills development when completing writing task.
Accommodations #2: Provide student with a step by step break down of each lesson or activity to help the student stay on task and aid with any short term memory struggles the student may have.
Modifications: Student will be provided reading books that is at student’s reading level. Assignments will be adjusted to meet the student’s supplement reading material.

Visually Impaired
Accommodations #1: Student will have access to math manipulatives (physical objects) to assist student in learning new math concepts.
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Accommodations #2: Provide brief and concise instruction with supportive visual aid the student can refer back too,
Modification: Give student less questions/problems during independent work.

Accommodations #1: Student is allowed to move around the room to specific locations while in the general classroom.
Accommodations #2: Instruction given to student in various ways, written and orally. Instructions can be written on the board, given to student verbally, and written down specifically for the student.
Modifications: Create an alternative assignment that focuses on student’s interest, yet still aligns with the lessons objective.

Physically challenged
Accommodations #1: The classroom should be arranging to allow for student with physical challenge to move around freely. Additionally, classroom materials should be place at appropriate height so students in wheel chairs have access to them.
Accommodations #2: The student will work with a peer/buddy when taking notes is a physical challenge for the student.
Modification: Oral presentations/assignments will be replaced for another assignment when communication is
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The student can be accommodated when taking test by having questions read and explained to them without giving the answer.
Accommodations #2: The student will receive a copy of either the teacher or a student’s notes from class. If taking note is a challenge for the student, the student can be assigned a note taking buddy.
Modification: The student’s textbook will be grade level required text; however, their independent reading books will be based on student’s personal reading level.

Learning disabilities
Accommodations #1: Give student adequate time to complete test and frequent breaks through the day.
Accommodations #2: Student will receive written instruction in small steps and in large print. Furthermore, the student can will also receive instruction orally if appropriate.
Modification: Student will be assigned shorter paper and homework problems.

Communication disorder
Accommodations #1: Incorporating visual aids into instruction and assignments (high lighting important information, visual schedules, visual finishing box, power points, class notes)
Accommodations #2: Give student plenty of time to answer questions without completing the student’s

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