Compare And Contrast Folk Tales

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Objectives: The learner will identify differences and similarities between two Folktales. The learner will complete a Venn Diagram by writing 2 differences, and 2 similarities between two versions of the same Folktales.

Rationale: Using graphic organizers to represent similarities and differences has been shown to progress students ' understanding of content as well as their ability to identify and generate similarities and differences.

Learner-Centered: Students will use comparing and contrasting skills throughout their lives in many different situations. Comparing and contrasting helps us make decisions. When we go to the cafeteria to buy lunch, we think about which lunch option we like more than the other item served
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2.6A identify moral lessons as themes in well-known fables, legends, myths, or stories
2.6B compare different versions of the same story in traditional and contemporary folktales with respect to the characters, settings, and plot.

Prerequisite Skills: The student has prior knowledge of Folktales Students learned to identify characters, settings, the plot and important events, problem and resolution throughout the unit. They have also practiced comparing and contrasting using a Venn diagram to compare character traits, poems, and the story elements of fictional stories.

Special Needs Student
Accommodations: The student who has a 504 plan in place for reading will have one-on-one instruction assistance for 15 minutes with a support Teacher.

Modifications: Have the students identify similarities and differences in categories using Venn Diagram, such as characters, setting, theme. (Have these categories bolded at the bottom of the page for reference and as a guide when they are comparing and contrasting.)

Extensions: If the students identify two similarities and differences using the Venn Diagram before time has concluded, have them continue to brainstorm and provide three or more similarities or
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I will determine how much learning took place during my lesson by completing a rubric for each student during specials.

Possible Sponge: The students will be given a warm-up activity when they arrive back from lunch prior to this lesson. There will be paper bags placed on each group of desks. Each bag will contain two items, which they will be instructed to pull out and discuss some similarities in the objects and differences.

Transitional Activities: When transitioning to the carpet the I will play a 30 seconds of Kids Bop, at the end of the song the students should be seated in a circle on the literacy carpet. When transitioning from the literacy carpet to the student’s desk, I will hand each student a Venn Diagram worksheet, as they receive their worksheet they will return to their desk to prepare for the individual activity. (This will be done quickly so the students who are seated do not become restless).

Story 1: The Man Who Never Told a Lie (African

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