Assignment 3: Writing Instruction And Assessment

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Checkpoint 3: Writing Instruction and Assessment
Grade Level: Kindergarten
Native Americans, Kindness, and Thankfulness Unit I. Understanding of Literacy Development
Students will demonstrate understanding of thankfulness and expressing it in written form.

Goals for Students: (Friendly version of objectives):
Write a sentence or two using writing tools that express thankfulness. Rationale:
This lesson will be during the month of November, which is a tricky time for kindergarten class.Kindergartens are starting to write sentences and stretch out words, so this lesson will require some pre-teaching. Students will demonstrate understanding of thankfulness by being able to express it in words. Express words in written
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Talk to students about presenting their thoughts in writing.
Discuss thinking about brainstorming ideas before writing.

Have the students sit on the reading/writing rug, this is where writing instruction happens daily. (This will be part of their daily program).
Tell students that today we are going to work on writing, which is focusing on what we are thankful for.
The teacher will demonstrate the lesson on paper that has stripped orange paper.
Write: “I am thankful for my family and friends.”
While writing sound out the words with the students, use spacing tools, and capitalization, and periods.
When writing thankful make sure students understand what thankful means, go over the definition. After writing the sentence “I am thankful for my family and friends,” tell students they will write a sentence or two about what they are thankful for.
The teacher will dismiss students to their desk to write their own sentences.
The teacher will pass out the orange writing paper to students who are ready with pencil.
The teacher will walk around guiding students reminding them about capital letters, spaces, and
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The higher achieving students will be challenged to write two sentences instead of one sentence.

Diversity/Cultural Considerations: Throughout the class talk about how everyone celebrates thanksgiving different and how we need to be considerate of other students celebrations of thanksgiving and what other students are thankful for. It is important that the teacher talks about about how everybody celebrates the holidays differently.

Rationale: As teachers, it is important that we consider differentiations and accommodations when teaching. Differentiations are important to consider because the students who are more advanced will be bored and challenges like writing two sentences will keep these students engaged. As teachers, we will need to consider all types of students. Seating arrangement is an essential factor that teachers need to consider. Accommodations are another factor that teachers needs to consider because student who need extra help deserve the extra help. Fair not always equal and the students who need extra help need to receive extra help. Accommodations can include providing a para, or providing a few words for the student to help them finish the assignment. Another important consideration teachers need to make is culture and diversity considerations. Every student in the class is different and every student has different background. As teachers,

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